Texas Historical Commission

Pursuant to House Bill 1, Article IX, Section 167, the Texas Historical Commission will be undertaking a comprehensive review of its rules that became final prior to September 1, 1997.

The agency's plan will be filed with the Governor, the Legislative Budget Board, and the Secretary of State.

As required by Section 167 (Review of Agency Rules), the Texas Historical Commission proposes to review all rules, as detailed below, during the period from September, 1998, through August, 2001:

Chapter 11 Administrative Department (6-99/12-99)

Chapter 13 State Cemetery (9-98/9-99)

Chapter 15 Administration of Federal Programs (10-99/6-00)

Chapter 17 State Architectural Programs (10-99/6-00)

Chapter 19 Texas Main Street Project (8-00/8-01)

Chapter 21 Local History Programs (8-00/8-01)

Chapter 23 Publications (1-00/8-00)

Chapter 25 Office of the State Archeologist (3-99/10-99)

Chapter 26 Practice and Procedure (9-98/9-99)

Chapter 27 Procedure (9-98/3-99)

Chapter 28 State Archeological Landmarks (9-98/3-99)

We anticipate minor changes to Chapters 11-26 relative to the agency's ongoing reorganization and consolidation of programs. Review of these chapters will determine whether the reasons for adoption continue to exist. Chapter 27 and 28 rules will be repealed and replaced by new rules. Revised rules will be submitted to the Texas Register in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act while readopted rules will simply be noted in the Texas Register without publication of the text.

All comments and/or questions should be directed to Curtis Tunnell, Executive Director, Texas Historical Commission, P.O. Box 12276, Austin, Texas, 78711, 512/463-6100, or by fax to 512/475-4872.