In accordance with the Appropriations Act, §167, the General Land Office submits the following plan for review of its rules:

For review during fiscal year 1999 (September, 1998 through August, 1999):

Chapter 1, §§1.1-1.2, 1.51 (Executive Administration, Vacancies)

Chapter 1, §§1.11-1.14 (Executive Administration, Excess Acreage)

Chapter 1, §§1.61-1.78 (Executive Administration, Vacancy/Hearings)

Chapter 4 (General Rules of Practice and Procedures)

Chapter 5 (Records)

Chapter 10 (Exploration and Development of State Minerals Other than Oil and Gas)

Chapter 13 (Land Resources)

Chapter 14 (Relationship Between Agency and Private Organizations)

Chapter 15 (Coastal Area Planning)

Chapter 16 (Coastal Protection)

Chapter 17 (Hearing Procedures for Administrative Penalties and removal of Unauthorized Structures on State Land)

Chapter 19 (Oil Spill Prevention and Response)

Chapter 20 (Natural Resources Damage Assessment)

Chapter 21 (Oil Spill Prevention and Response)

Chapter 25 (Beach Cleaning and Maintenance Assistance Program).

For review during fiscal year 2000 (September, 1999 through August, 2000):

Chapter 9, §9.4 (Seismic Permitting)

Chapter 9, §9.7 (Royalty and Reporting Obligations to State)

Chapter 7 (Surveying)

For review during fiscal year 2001 (September, 2000 through August, 2001):

Chapter 1, §1.4 (Adopt-A-Beach Volunteer Program)

Chapter 1, §§1.21-1.42 (Patenting)

Chapter 8 (Gas Marketing Program)

Review for the following rules began in fiscal year 1998 (September, 1997 through August 1999):

Chapter 1, §1.3 (Executive Administration, Fees)

Chapter 9 (Exploration and Leasing of Oil and Gas) (except §9.4, Seismic Permitting, and §9.7, Royalty and Reporting Obligations to State)

Notices of these plans were previously filed with the Texas Register. General Land Office staff anticipates that these reviews will conclude in early fiscal year 1999.

Please note that the plan for review for Chapters 15, 16,19-21, and 25 is amended from previously filed plans for review.