Title 37. Public Safety and Corrections
Part XIII. Texas Commission on Fire Protection
Rule Review Plan

In accordance with House Bill 1, 75th Legislature, Regular Session, Article IX, Section 167, the Texas Commission on Fire Protection submits the following plan for review of its rules:

1. In order to address legislative changes the repeal and adoption of replacement rules has been approved for final adoption effective November 1, 1998, for the following chapters:

Chapter 421, Standards for Certification
Chapter 423, Fire Suppression
Chapter 425, Fire Protection Instructors
Chapter 427, Certified Training Facilities
Chapter 429, Minimum Standards for Fire Inspectors
Chapter 431, Minimum Standards for Fire and Arson Investigator
Chapter 435, Fire Fighter Safety
Chapter 437, Fees
Chapter 439, Examinations for Certification
Chapter 441, Continuing Education
Chapter 443, Certification Curriculum Manual
Chapter 445, Administrative Inspections and Penalties
Chapter 447, Part-Time Fire Protection Employee
Chapter 449, Head of a Fire Department

2. The repeal of the following chapters has been approved effective November 1, 1998:

Chapter 451, Fire Cause and Origin Investigator
Chapter 471, Standards for Volunteer Certification
Chapter 472, Volunteer Certification Curriculum Manual
Chapter 473, Volunteer Fire Fighter
Chapter 475, Volunteer Fire Fighter Instructor and Instructor Training
Chapter 476, Volunteer Fire Investigator
Chapter 477, Volunteer Fire Fighter Training Facilities
Chapter 478, Volunteer Fire Inspector
Chapter 479, Examinations for Volunteer Fire Fighter Certification
Chapter 481, Volunteer Fire Fighter Certification Fees
Chapter 483, Volunteer Fire Fighter Safety
Chapter 485, Volunteer Fire Fighter Continuing Education
Chapter 487, Eligibility for Volunteer Fire Fighter Certification as Fire Protection Personnel
Chapter 489, Volunteer Fire Department Inspections

3. The remaining chapters of the agency adopted prior to September 1, 1997, are scheduled for review pursuant to Section 167, during the period from September 1, 1998, through January 31, 1999, at its regular quarterly meetings, including the following:

Chapter 401, Practice and Procedure
Chapter 403, Criminal Convictions and Eligibility for Certification and Licensure
Chapter 405, Charges for Public Records
Chapter 407, Administration
Chapter 433, Forms
Chapter 461, General Administration
Chapter 463, Application Criteria
Chapter 465, Equipment, Facilities, and Training Standards
Chapter 491, Voluntary Regulation of State Agencies and State Agency Employees
Chapter 493, Voluntary Regulation of Federal Agencies and Federal Agency Employees
Chapter 495, Regulation of Nongovernmental Departments

4. The commission will publish notice of intention to review and notice of re-adoption, in accordance with Section 167 and rules adopted by the Secretary of State at 1 TAC ยงยง91.135-137, or alternatively follow regular rulemaking procedures for re-adoption with changes in accordance with Government Code, Chapter 2001.

All comments or questions should be directed to Thomas R. Thompson, General Counsel, Texas Commission on Fire Protection, P. O. Box 2286, Austin, Texas 78768-2286.