Texas Department of Economic Development
Rule Review Plan

In accordance with the Appropriations Act, Section 167, the Texas Department of Economic Development submits the following plan for review of their rules.

April 1998 through August 1998 - Chapters 161. Rural Industrial Development Finance Plan Closing Procedures, 170. Revenue Bonds for Development of Employment--Industrial and Health Resources, and 195. Memoranda of Understanding

September 1998 through February 1999 - Chapters 180. Industrial Projects and 197. Private Donations

March 1999 through August 1999 - Chapters 178. Texas Community Development Program, and 182.1 Subchapter A. Business Permit Office

September 1999 through February 2000 - Chapters 162. Texas Exporters Loan Fund, 185. Rules for Texas Small Business Industrial Development Corporation-Revenue Bond Program

March 2000 through August 2000 - Chapters 172. Texas Rural Economic Development Program, and 192. Open Records Charges

September 2000 through February 2001 - Chapters 181. Texas Leverage Fund Program Small Business Assistance, and 196. Tourism Advisory Committee Rules

March 2001 through August 2001 - Chapters 183. Policy Board Investment Policy, and 198. Advertising Rules

Written comments should be submitted to DeAnn Luper, Legal Assistant, Texas Department of Economic Development, P. O. Box 12728, 1700 North Congress, Austin, Texas 78711-2728. Comments may be faxed to Ms. Luper at (512)936-0415.