Texas Department of Public Safety
Rule Review Plan

In accordance with the Appropriations Act, Section 167, the Texas Department of Public Safety submits the following plan for review of their rules.

Review Dates Rule(s)

September 1998
Chapter 3. Traffic Law Enforcement
Chapter 5. Criminal Law Enforcement
Chapter 25. Safety Responsibility Regulations

October 1998
Chapter 7. Division of Emergency Management
Chapter 9. Public Safety Communications
Chapter 13. Controlled Substances

November 1998
Chapter 4. Capitol Police
Chapter 14. School Bus Transportation
Chapter 16. Commercial Driver's License

December 1998
Chapter 6. License to Carry Concealed Handgun
Chapter 11. Commercial Vehicle Registration
Chapter 17. Administrative License Revocation

January 1999
Chapter 15. Drivers License Rules
Chapter 19. Breath Alcohol Testing Regulations
Chapter 21. Equipment and Vehicle Standards

February 1999
Chapter 18. Driver Education
Chapter 23. Vehicle Inspection
Chapter 27. Crime Records Review

March 1999
Chapter 28. DNA Database
Chapter 29. Practice and Procedure
Chapter 31. Motorcycle Operator Training Course

April 1999
Chapter 1. Organization and Administration
Chapter 32. Bicycle Safety and Education Program
Chapter 33. All-Terrain Vehicle

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