State Office of Administrative Hearings
Rule Review Plan

In accordance with the Appropriations Act, section 167, the State Office of Administrative Hearing (SOAH) will review its substantive and procedural rules which became final prior to September 1, 1997. SOAH will review the following chapters in 1998:

Chapter 155. Rules of Procedures;

Chapter 157. Temporary Administrative Law Judges;

Chapter 159. Rules of Procedure for Administrative License Suspension Hearings;

Chapter 161. Requests for Records; and

Chapter 163. Arbitration Procedures for Certain Enforcement Actions of the Department of Human Services

All written comments and/or questions should be submitted to Debra Anderson, Legal Assistant, State Office of Administrative Hearings, 300 West 15th Street, Suite 502, Austin, Texas 78701; facsimile number (512) 463-7527.