Pursuant to the Appropriations Act, Article IX, Section 167, the Adjutant

General's Department has undertaken a comprehensive review of its rules

that were in effect prior to September 1, 1997. These rules are found in

Chapters 121 (Personnel) and 123 (Release of Information) of the Texas

Administrative Code. This review will be completed before July 1, 2001.

We anticipate substantive revision of rules under Chapter 123 to reflect

federal guidelines and minor changes to Chapter 121. Any revisions that

result from this review will be published in the Texas Register in

accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act. Readopted rules will be

noted in the Texas Register's Rules Review section without publication of

the text.

Comments and/or questions should be addressed to Colonel Jack L. Slayton,

State Judge Advocate General, Texas Adjutant General's Department, P.O. Box

5218, Austin, Texas 78763-5218, 512/465-5057.