Miscellaneous Documents

What is a Miscellaneous Document?

Among the items in the Administrative Procedures Act to be published in the Texas Register is "information of general interest to the public of Texas, which may include, but is not limited to, federal legislation or regulations affecting the state or state agencies and state agency organizational and personnel changes."

The "In Addition" section of the Texas Register, which was designed for this type of information, has contained such items as notices of hearings which are not covered under the Open Meetings Act, descriptions of agency functions and responsibilities, requests for proposals for consultant services; and correction of error notices.

How do I file a Miscellaneous Document?

Draft the text of the Miscellaneous Document using the following tags:

Tag Meaning
<p> To indicate paragraphs

(insert before each paragraph)

<etb> To indicate bolded text

(insert before the first word)

<eti> To indicate italicized

Examples: titles of books, court cases, referencing the Texas Register

(insert before the first word)

<et> To return to regular type face

(insert after bolded or italicized text)

<*> For section symbol


Public Notice--Aviation

<p>Pursuant to Transportation Code, <*>21.111, and Title 43, Texas Administrative Code, <*>30.209, the Texas Department of Transportation conducts public hearings to receive comments from interested parties concerning proposed approval of various aviation projects.

<p>For information regarding actions and times for aviation public hearings, please go to the following web site:


<p>Click on Aviation, click on Aviation Public Hearing. Or, contact Karon Wiedemann, Aviation Division, 150 East Riverside, Austin, Texas 78704, (512) 416-4520 or 800 68 PILOT.