Submitting Graphic Material

What types of files are acceptable?

The following files are acceptable by the Texas Register for graphics:

**We do not accept Excel files.**

How do I name a graphic file?

aaaa_bbb-1."file extension"

aaaa - date of submission

bbb - agency code

-1 - the graphic file number submitted for the miscellaneous document


0917_004-1.pdf indicates this is the first miscellaneous graphic file sent on September 17 from the Office of the Secretary of State

aa_bbbb_cccc-1."file extension"

aa - title number

bbbb - chapter number

cccc - rule number

-1 - the graphic file number submitted for the rule


01_0091_0001-1.pdf indicates this is the first graphic file for Title 1, Chapter 91, §91.1

How do I submit the file to the Texas Register?

You can send the graphic file(s) in the same e-mail as your rule file(s). In the subject line, indicate the graphic file name. If you have more than one graphic or there isnít enough room to list the graphic files name(s) in the subject line, just enter "graphics".

Login: agency (type the word agency)

Password: register

Make sure to FTP the graphic in BINARY mode, not in ASCII mode (ASCII mode is the mode you use when you FTP text files (i.e. miscellaneous or rule files) not graphic files)