Requests for Opinions



The Honorable Lisa L. Peterson

Nolan County Attorney

100 East 3rd Street, Suite 106A

Sweetwater, Texas 79556

Re: The establishment and funding of salaries for a court administrator and court reporter in a multicounty court at law (RQ-0179-KP)

Briefs requested by October 18, 2017



The Honorable Eddie Lucio, Jr.

Chair, Committee on Intergovernmental Relations

Texas State Senate

Post Office Box 12068

Austin, Texas 78711-2068

Re: Whether and when a municipal law enforcement agency is authorized or required to release audio or video recordings from a body worn camera to members of the public, members of the governing body of the municipality, and civilian employees of the municipality (RQ-0174-KP)

Briefs requested by October 18, 2017



Sherif Zaafran, M.D., President

Texas Medical Board

Post Office Box 2018

Austin, Texas 78768-2018

Re: Whether section 483.102 of the Health and Safety Code authorizes an eligible prescriber to directly or by standing order prescribe an opioid antagonist to law enforcement agencies (RQ-0181-KP)

Briefs requested by October 3, 2017

For further information, please access the website at or call the Opinion Committee at (512) 463-2110.


Amanda Crawford

General Counsel

Office of the Attorney General

Filed: September 20, 2017