Ethics Advisory Opinion

EAO-545 - Whether the revolving door law in section 572.069 of the Government Code would prohibit a former employee of a state agency from providing certain services. (AOR-622)


Section 572.069 of the Government Code prohibits a former state employee from providing the services described before the second anniversary of the date on which the employee's service or employment with the state agency ceases.

The Texas Ethics Commission is authorized by section 571.091 of the Government Code to issue advisory opinions in regard to the following statutes: (1) Chapter 572, Government Code; (2) Chapter 302, Government Code; (3) Chapter 303, Government Code; (4) Chapter 305, Government Code; (5) Chapter 2004, Government Code; (6) Title 15, Election Code; (7) Chapter 159, Local Government Code; (8) Chapter 36, Penal Code; (9) Chapter 39, Penal Code; (10) Section 2152.064, Government Code; and (11) Section 2155.003, Government Code.

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Seana Willing

Executive Director

Texas Ethics Commission

Filed: September 29, 2017