Ethics Advisory Opinion

EAO-543. Whether reimbursements for certain travel expenses to the executive director of a state agency are prohibited honoraria or benefits under chapter 36 of the Penal Code, and whether the reimbursements are required to be reported on a personal financial statement. (AOR-621).


Based on the requestor's facts described in this opinion, the executive director of a state agency would not receive an "honorarium" for purposes of section 36.07(a) of the Penal Code or a "benefit" for purposes of section 36.08 of the Penal Code by accepting a reimbursement of certain travel expenses that are payable by the state agency. The executive director would not be required to report the reimbursement on a personal financial statement.

The Texas Ethics Commission is authorized by section 571.091 of the Government Code to issue advisory opinions in regard to the following statutes: (1) Chapter 572, Government Code; (2) Chapter 302, Government Code; (3) Chapter 303, Government Code; (4) Chapter 305, Government Code; (5) Chapter 2004, Government Code; (6) Title 15, Election Code; (7) Chapter 159, Local Government Code; (8) Chapter 36, Penal Code; (9) Chapter 39, Penal Code; (10) Section 2152.064, Government Code; and (11) Section 2155.003, Government Code.

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Seana Willing

Executive Director

Texas Ethics Commission

Filed: May 19, 2017