Dates on Which Deliverables are Due
Deliverable Name Anticipated Deliverable Due Date
IV&V Management Plan Forty five calendar days from the beginning of the Contract.
Semi-annual IV&V Management
Plan Updates
Every six months, after the approval of the initial IV&V
Management Plan.
Initial IV&V Report - Draft & Final Sixty calendar days after the IV&V Management Plan approval.
Quarterly IV&V Report -Draft & Final Ninety calendar days after the Initial IV&V Report or upon an
agreed upon schedule by the OAG and the Federal Office of
Child Support Enforcement (OCSE).
Interim Update Within six weeks following the delivery of the most recent
IV&V Report.
Observation Report (DOR)
As needed, the IV&V Contractor and OAG will mutually agree
on scope and schedule.
Management Briefing Within five business days of request of the OAG or OCSE.
Document Archive Annual January 31 of each year.
Document Archive - Final Included with the final IV&V Report.