Proposed Rule Reviews

Commission on State Emergency Communications

Title 1, Part 12

The Commission on State Emergency Communications (CSEC) is conducting its annual review of the definitions of the terms "local exchange access line" and "equivalent local exchange access line" as required by Health and Safety Code §771.063(c). Due to the potentially disruptive changes resulting from advancements in technology, particularly with respect to mobile Internet Protocol-enabled services, CSEC takes no position on whether the definitions in §255.4 sufficiently define the foregoing terms.

Persons wishing to comment on CSEC's initial determination or recommend amendments to §255.4 may do so by submitting written comments within 30 days following publication of this notice in the Texas Register to Patrick Tyler, General Counsel, Commission on State Emergency Communications, 333 Guadalupe Street, Suite 2-212, Austin, Texas 78701-3942; by facsimile to (512) 305-6937; or by email to Please include "Comments on CSEC's Annual Review of Rule 255.4" in the subject line of your letter, fax, or email.


Patrick Tyler

General Counsel

Commission on State Emergency Communications

Filed: July 27, 2017

Texas Historical Commission

Title 13, Part 2

The Texas Historical Commission files this notice of intent to review and consider for re-adoption, revision or repeal all rules in the following chapters of the Texas Administrative Code, Title 13, Part 2, Texas Historical Commission:

Chapter 11 Administrative Department

Chapter 12 Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program

Chapter 14 Texas Historical Artifacts Acquisition Program

Chapter 15 Administration of Federal Programs

Chapter 16 Historic Sites

Chapter 17 State Architectural Programs

Chapter 20 Awards

Chapter 22 Cemeteries

Chapter 23 Publications

Chapter 25 Office of the State Archeologist

Chapter 26 Practice and Procedure

Pursuant to Texas Government Code §2001.039, the Texas Historical Commission will assess whether the reason(s) for initially adopting these rules continue to exist. Each rule will be reviewed to determine whether it is obsolete, reflects current legal and policy considerations, reflects current general provisions in the governance of the Commission and/or whether it is in compliance with Chapter 2001 of the Texas Government Code (Administrative Procedures Act).

Elsewhere in this issue of the Texas Register, the Texas Historical Commission concurrently proposes amendments to rules in Chapter 11 (Administration Dept.); Chapter 12 (Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program); Chapter 15 (Administration of Federal Programs); Chapter 16 (Historic Sites); Chapter 17 (State Architectural Programs); Chapter 22 (Cemeteries); Chapter 25 (State Archeological Program); and Chapter 26 (Practice and Procedure).

The Commission will accept written comments received on or before 5:00 p.m. central time on the 31st day after the date this notice is published in the Texas Register. Comments as to whether the reasons for initially adopting these rules continue to exist may be submitted to Mark Wolfe, Executive Director, Texas Historical Commission, P.O. Box 12276, Austin, Texas 78711-2276, or by email to Any proposed changes to the rules as a result of the review will be published in the Proposed Rules Section of the Texas Register and will be open for an additional 30-day public comment period prior to final adoption of any repeal, amendment, or re-adoption.


Mark Wolfe

Executive Director

Texas Historical Commission

Filed: August 1, 2017