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Notice of Health Spa Closing

Corsicana 24/7 Family Fitness LLC doing business as Corsicana 24/7 Family Fitness located at 3811 W. State Highway 31, Ste. 901, Corsicana, Texas (20150189), ceased operation effective 7/29/2017. The Secretary of State has been notified of this closing. If you are a former member of Corsicana 24/7 Family Fitness in Corsicana who had time remaining on a prepaid membership contract, you may file a claim with the Office of the Secretary of State for the value of the balance of the contract. To perfect a claim, you must send a copy of the membership contract and proof of payment indicating the amount paid to Corsicana 24/7 Family Fitness pursuant to the membership contract. The required information may be submitted by mail to:

P.O. Box 13193
AUSTIN, TEXAS 78711-3193

Or faxed to 512-475-2815

Or emailed to the Registrations Unit

Claims must be received by 5:00 p.m., 3/19/2018. Claims received after 3/19/2018 will be barred from payment. For additional information please call (512) 475-0775.