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Statutory Documents

Notice of Exempt Health Spa Closing

Namaste Yoga LLC d/b/a Namaste Yoga Houston located at 1275 Eldridge Parkway, Houston, Texas (20140097) ceased operation as of 2/28/2017. The Secretary of State has been notified of this closing. At the time Namaste Yoga Houston closed, it held a certificate of exemption and therefore was not required to file a security bond or post other security with the Secretary of State. Members of Namaste Yoga Houston with time remaining on a prepaid membership contract should contact the health spa’s home office regarding a refund for the value of the balance of the contract.

If you are unable to recover funds for the unused portion of your prepaid membership contract, you may file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General, Consumer Protection Division, PO Box 12548, Austin, Texas 78711.

For additional information please call (512) 475-0775.