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What Voting Means to Americans

We, both men and women, have the right to vote. Anyone who is a U.S. citizen has the right to vote only if you are registered. We have the right and responsibility to inform ourselves of each candidate of what they believe and what they will stand for to make a change.

Voting is important because voters give their opinion on the candidate they want to see elected. It is also important because you have a better chance of electing the candidates you want to win. If you don't vote, you don't have a voice. People, who do not vote, complain because the elected officials are not running the city, state or nation right. However, when you cast your vote, your voice is counted and the number of similar voices are counted and determine if your candidates win or not.

It is also important to vote because elected officials can change the way you live by raising your taxes or changing the laws that can affect your life. For example, raising taxes usually cause prices to go higher and in some cases change your life style.

Voting to me as an American is not only being able to give your opinion but to make a difference in what will happen to us in the future. Elected officials can make a great impact on the way we live. For example, September 11, 2001, made a great impact on our nation. Our President had to immediately take the role of Commander in Chief for your country. His leadership made our nation come together. Our nation rose up in support of the families affected by the terrorist attacks upon our country. That's why voting for the president, congressmen, governor and the mayor is important because it has a great impact on our lives.

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