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My name is John Anthony Bojanski. I am a third grade Student at Colonel Santos Benavides Elementry in Laredo, Texas. I believe voting is a very important part of being an American. It is important in many ways. The most important thing about voting is, "it shows the freedom of choice and opinion American people have!" If we do not excersise our right to vote we let other people make important choices for us. Chioces like how much money school funds should get, or how much tax we all pay. I'm not sure about you, but I would rather choose the person I believe and trust in. This way my choices and opinions can be voiced. Americans that vote show leadership and pride in their country. I am only a kid, and I need nine more years until I can vote. Even so, I can't wait to express my freedom of choice and opinion. I guess for now I can be involved in my school elections and remain a Student Council member until I can become a voting American. For now, "please vote so we the children can have a great country to live in!"

John Bojanski

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