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Being able to vote is of great importance. Voting helps us express our voice. Many people in our community has gained help be voting, and have gotten more rights as well. Due to our voting right, we Americans get to have a lot of great things and commodities.

Voting is a way of expressing our thoughts and our voice. By having a lot of people who can vote, they can go and encourage others to go register and vote. By voting one lets our leaders know what we want, need, approve or disapprove. I think voting is not really done, simply because the people do now know the importance of it and how it has helped in the past and also how it will help us.

Through the voting process we have had many right, and commodities in our city. We get to pick whom to represent us nation and state wise. Through voting we have chosen what our city wants, needs, and what we approve such as recreation centers, school regulations, and also entertainment areas. We as high school students, we practice our right to vote in school elections, such as class presidents, student council elections class favorites and homecoming elections. It is good to know that even in high school we get to practice and know the importance of voting in school. By getting to vote in school elections, when we become eligible to vote we know the importance and how it will affect us if we don’t vote.

In our community, having the right to vote is something that many encourage and is done sometimes often. We know when and where to go to vote. When we vote it gives us a sense of freedom, knowing that we have rights that maybe in other parts of the world they don’t have. By voting we can get more funding for school organizations, community construction. As our government sees how we vote, they send more federal and state grants and know that our city is active and is indeed interested in bettering our surroundings.

In every election we must practice the right to vote. If we vote in every election even if it’s just a simple one, others get to know what we think. If voting is a privilege why not use it.

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