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It’s on your mind constantly, burning in your heart, something you feel so passionately about that it will not escape you until you share your opinion with others, so you vote. Voting is a freedom that may take for granted. Many don’t understand the power of a vote, that you can change something you don’t approve of. Americans have a power that, if taken away, would be devastating.

People have put their lives in danger, striving for rights, such as voting. Communist systems and dictatorships, like those in other parts of the world, can only be prevented if people exercise their right to vote. They were not prevented in places like Cuba, China, and the division of Germany at the end of World War II.

Something like this could happen in America if we don’t use the opportunity to vote. We could lose all forms of representation, and give total power to the government to make decisions we do not favor. It is our duty to vote so that we are led by officials who will make the right decisions to benefit the United States.

Voting is a privilege. We should feel honored to have the freedom to vote and should take advantage of every chance we get to express our opinions and ensure a promising future for all Americans. It give us the power to change what we don’t like and make it better. It is a freedom we should be grateful to have.

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