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What Voting Means to Americans

Webster’s dictionary defines voting as a formal expression of opinion or will. To me this means having my voice heard in a controlled manner. Voting is a privilege denied to many.

Americans at different age groups have different thoughts for voting. A Kindergarten student may think voting means whether or nor they are playing outside or watching a movie inside during recess. A fifth grade student may think voting means who will be president of student council. A seventh grade student may think voting means who will be class president. A freshman may think voting means who will be cheerleader. A son or high school may think voting means who will be prom king queen. A young adult may not even recognize the importance of voting because they are so busy. A senior citizen may think voting means having your voice heard even if things do not go your way. Anyone, regardless of their age should recognize what a vital roll voting plays in their life.

Throughout my years of education I have learned that the Constitution of the United States has given me my right to vote. Without voting we would not have a formal way to have our expressions heard. There have been and will continue to be many times in my life that I will note, but the other side will prevail. Then again there will be times my side will prevail. This is okay with me as long as I exercised my constitutional right to vote.

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