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What Voting Means to Americans

Voting means to the Americans people that they have a choice to vote for the best candidate, that will do the best job. Voting is a right to all American citizens. It is a fundamental way of life for us Americans.

Voting is important, because it can make the difference in your local community, from your school board to voting for your mayor. For example the local highschool needed renovating, it was the community that voted for a school bond election.

Voting as an American, personally affects me deeply. When a candidate is running for president I must know where he stands on military issues. I expect for him to be a strong leader. My Daddy is a Captain in the Texas Amry National Guard. I worry about him having to go to war to defend our country. I know that the people of America have elected a strong and knowlegdeable president and congress. If the president and congress do decide to go to war with Iraq, my Daddy would need to go to war to keep us free and protect our right to vote. This is the process that takes place in a democratic country where voting is essential.

I am eleven now, and my name is Cierra McGill. I promise when I turn eighteen I will vote in every election possible, because one vote, does, make a difference.

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