Kate T. Piller's Speech


chomp,,,,chomp....chomp....chomp....My name is Kate T. Piller. I want to be your candidate for Bug President. I was born in Austin, TX June 12nd, 1968 to my wonderful parents, my dad name Cacto Pillar and my mom name Christina Pillar. I went to Catterpillar Elementary in Austin, TX. For high school I attended Bug Ville in Pflugerville, TX. That's when I decided to enter Bug and M University. While at the university I decided to major in Walbug where I could learn how to cook and be a scientist to help bug stay away from the snake's poison by the antidote. I would like you to know that I am a very hard worker. In high school my parents insisted I get a job, so I worked at "Baby Dairy" as a helper t feed the babies catterpillar. I stayed there until graduated from high school and left for college. Right now I am working at "Flubery" as a secretary for the stinky manager, it is lucky for me that the first time I came here as a chief cook then I turn into a maid, and finally I be a secretary. I know you would like you to know about my lovely family. I have one husband his name is Macerong George. His parent named his that because when he is one year old he love to eat maceroni with cheese and everything when he grow up. Every singal week I have to buy for him two boxes of macerony if I forgot or don't have to buy it he just cry like a baby crying. I have 2,000,000 children "Whoa" some guys I just only have 2 children. my eyes have these little lines go across all over my eyes that's why. My first daughter that my child named Barbien she is 4years old, and my second child that my son named Barneyen he is 2 years old, they both very cute. Me and my husband been mary for 12 years. I want want you to know I am a loyal citizen of the United State of America. If I am elected for Bug President I will fullfill these promises.

  1. make more troops, weapons, and uniforms for army antsexploring about Sars to help bugs stay away from itkill all the bad germs for bugsmake more houses for the bugsgive money for the poor bugsbuild more schools and hospitalsplant more treeskill all the Venus Flytrapsgive the bugs more food
  2. appreciate bugs, animals, and environment

Thanks a lot for considering me for Bug President. When you go to the polls just remember: Vote for the "Fullfiller" Kate T. Piller.

The end

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