Ladybug Lincoln's Speech

Wazz up my buggy pals? My name is Ladybug Lincoln and I assure you won't be sorry if you vote for me to be you're cool candidate for bug president. So about myself, I was born in 1967 under a layer of leaves and went to a loyal, educating school of River Bugs Elem. I have been honored of graduation from B.U.G. University. I have been an extremely hard worker for our bug nation. I have worked at Buggy Wuggy health as a caring as a caring nurse for children. Right now I am working at Bugs incorporated at a factory that will make any needs for bugs. Now, I hope you would like to know my ladybug family. My mother is the one who takes the orders of the bugs needs. Well I just think she is going crazy but she said that it was a myth that the factory was once built for monsters. Anyways, my dad was actually the first male ladybug to be on a movie called a bug's life. I'll give you a hint: He was sort of mean and his name is Francis. Both my parents say that I can be a factory manager or even a movie star, but I prefer to follow my hopes and dreams and become president. I would like to inform you that I am a wealthy citizen of United Stares if Ameribug. If I am chosen to be elected president I will promise you that I will get whatever you need. Like for example, I will get land full of animals so that the fleas can have cozy homes to live in, I will order trucks to pack it with dirt and build homes for the ants so that they won't pass out building them, I will get a private room for the bees full of nectar so that they won't have to dig through flowers, I will build a swamp for the dragonflies to hang out in, make a desert full of traped humans so the scorpions can exercise their claws by pinching them, and I will make a famous food just for the spiders so that they won't have to eat other bugs, and also I will consider any law as long as it does not involve violence and as long as it is pure fun. So that you for considering me as your bug president. When you go to the polls to vote, just remember: If you want the best-one-of-a-kind president vote for Lady Bug Lincoln.

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