Frederick Roachevelt's Speech

DecorativeHello my name is Frederick RoachEvelt. I want to be your candidate for Bug President. I was born in Raidville, TX and went to River Roach Elementary School. I graduated from Bugsville University. I am a very hard worker.. I have worked for B.B.S.A. (Better Bugs Security Associate) as an investigator of tiny missing bugs. Right now I am working at River Roach Elementary as a Principal. I know you would like to know about my family. Let me tell you about them. My parents amnesia are Roachita and Rochard. The still live in Raidville. My wife's name is Roachalinda. We met in Raidville at a Missing tiny bugs convention. We have two children. A girl Rochana and a boy little Rochard, Jr. We have a nice house with two little ants for pets.

I want you to know that I am a loyal citizen of the United States of America. If I am elected Bug President there will be a free flying zone for all flying insects, all spider webs will be protected, and I will stop the making of bug spray. Thank you for considering me for your Bug President. When you go to the polls to vote just remember: Franklin Roachevelt will stop the spray! If you vote for him today!

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