George Washingstick's Speech

DecorativeHello, my name is George Washingstick Bush and I want to be your bug president. I was born on Everest Tree and went to Walker Elementary School. I graduated from Cockroach College. I'm a very hardworker. I have worked for the Chainsaw Logging Company as a logger, but I didn't like that job very much considering I almost got sawed in half! Right now I'm working for Busy Bee TV as a wanted under cover spy on the TV show "Wanted in the Woods".

I know you would like to know a little about my family. Let me tell you about them. My wife, Trudy Bush, works at Baby Branch Nursery and helps to raise all the baby sticklets. I also have 3 daughters named Holly, Rose and Berry Bush. Rose Bush, my youngest daughter, won the Miss United Bug Pageant.

I want you to know that I'm a loyal citizen of the United States of America. If I'm elected Bug President I will make sure that the Ant Army is strong and that all picnics are won!

I'll have enough lighting bug night flyers loaded with rocks for bombing and mosquitos for back-ups. I'll have Daddy-Long-Legs for land runners and dragonflies for daytime flyers. I'll make sure that all ant piles have home insurance. I'll give money and support to the Hospital of injured Bugs and Baby Branch Nursery. I'll go against Raid companies and poisons. And don't you that a Praying Mantis should have religious rights? Also, I'll make sure that all cricket bands have their own symphony hall to play in, and that al elderly wailing sicks have FREE walkers!

Thank you for considering me for bug president. When you go to the polls to vote, just remember: If you Walk With Me I'll Stick With you.

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