Abraham Stington's Speech

DecorativeHi, I am insect but you can call me Abraham Stington. I'm well over 35. For the last 18 years I've lived in a hive in Paris collecting honey and I almost got the accent stuck in me! Then when I got home I invented the "Honey Catcher", but I got stuck. There was alot of stuff that I invented that was only useful for bees. Like the "Human Robot". It looks like a human but a bee is in it. Another invention I invented is the "poisonous Honey", but then I realized, I eat honey. I invented the "Sting Hat". It is a hat a bee wears on his head and when they sting someone the bee doesn't die. I was about to become an inventor but not all of my inventions worked. So now you know alot about me., so let me tell you another thing. If you vote for me, I will destroy all bug killer propellants. Not only will give honey to everyone, I will get rid of poisonous bugs and when you go to the polls to vote, just remember I will work day and night for the bugs. I promise I will not do the opposite. If I'm elected bug president I'll be the best bug president that ever flew the earth. I will ban all fly swatters forever. When you fob to the polls to vote, just remember: BEE'S RULE!

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