Bug Poster and Speech..........Due Date

Oh yeah....oh yeah....


We are beginning our unit of study in Social Studies on the election process. I hope this will be an enjoyable time of learning for your child. In order for him/her to succeed in all facets of the unit of study, your help will be of utmost importance. Most of the projects will be done in school, but there is one assignment that IS to be accomplished at home. The assignment is something your child is capable of doing on their own with minimal assistance from you. When the assignment is completed, look over it to see where corrections are needed and have your child make the corrections.

Each student is required to think of a Bug Candidate for President of our class. The Bug Candidate can be anything you can think up to catch the attention of the other students. In the past there have been Ronald the Roach, George Waspington, Ready Ant, Apple B Bug, Trucker Bug, ect. Once a Bug Candidate has been thought of, here is what your child must do.

  1. Draw and color the bugon a piece of large paper. Nothing larger than a piece of poster board but larger that a sheet of notebook paper. All drawings must be done by the student.

  2. Prepare a speech using the format given to the student.( Attached) This means filling in the blanks, using their imagination.

  3. Practice reading the speech so it can be delivered well in class.

I have gone over all of this in class with your child. I am sending you this to help you know what they need to be doing at home. The poster and speech will be graded according to the grading scale that is listed on the back of this letter.

Please cut off the bottom portion of this note and return it tomorrow for me to know you are aware of the assignment concerning the Bug Candidate project.

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