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Elections and Voter Information

Voter Information

Limited Ballot Voters and District Chart

To: County Clerks/Elections Administrators
From: Keith Ingram, Director of Elections
Date: April 16, 2012
RE: Limited Ballot Voters and District Chart

A registered voter who has moved from the county in which he or she is registered to a new county of residence in Texas, and who will not be registered to vote in the new county on or before May 29, 2012 may be eligible to vote a “limited ballot” in the new county of residence in the upcoming primary election under the following conditions:

A person entitled to vote a limited ballot may vote on all statewide races and any district offices that are in common between the former and new counties of residence. The county clerk/elections administrator must mark out or otherwise obscure all other races on the ballot.

The district chart indicates each district race in your county, as well as the district races in other Texas counties. The district chart is to assist you in determining the races for which eligible voters may vote when applying for a limited ballot. The district chart does not detail precincts that are in common if your county contains only part of a district. If a voter moves from one county to another and the county is split by a district, the early voting clerk in the new county should contact the clerk in the old county to determine if the district race is in common. The number under the race name is the district number of the race.

Voters who vote under this procedure must complete an application for limited ballot. You must indicate on the application, the district offices for which the voter is entitled to vote. In any case, the voter may not vote on county or precinct offices, and those races must be marked off the ballot. If the voter is voting by mail, the voter must also complete an application for ballot by mail. Voters who vote in person will be added to a poll list called "Poll List of Limited Voters" rather than signing the early voting combination form. Voters may vote using this procedure only during the early voting period, which is May 14, 2012 through May 27, 2012.  A person may vote a limited ballot in person only at the main early voting location. The polling place official must inform any voter who requests a limited ballot on election day that this process is not available; however, if the voter insists on voting, they will be required to cast a provisional ballot.

You are required to notify the voter registrar of the former county that the voter has voted under this procedure. This will allow the voter registrar of the former county to cancel the voter's registration.

The limited ballot application also serves as a voter registration. You must forward a copy of the limited ballot application to the voter registrar in your county so the voter will get registered to vote.

If you have any questions regarding limited balloting, please contact the Elections Division at 1-800-252-2216.


District Chart (PDF)