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Reimbursement Request Instructions

The HAVA grant funds awarded to your county are ready to be drawn down from the online grant system. If you need your user ID and password, please email the Elections Funds Management team or call them at 800-252-8683. Below are instructions for requesting reimbursement.

Requesting Reimbursement

The financial officer for the county (auditor or treasurer, depending on the county) has access to request reimbursement against the approved budget via the online grant system. Once the county is invoiced for goods or services received and releases payment to the vendor, the county can request reimbursement from SOS. Counties are encouraged to time the payment to the vendor with its reimbursement request to SOS as closely as possible to minimize any cash flow issue. Note - the county has the discretion to define release of payment as the agency obligation or encumbrance of the funds such as a purchase order or other document authorizing payment. Consequently, the county can request funding from SOS when they have “officially” obligated the funds and been billed (invoiced) for goods or services received, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that county funds must have been disbursed prior to drawing down the funds from SOS.

Please limit small cash draws as it is not cost-effective for the state to process. We typically run into this problem with travel. For example, collect all of the expenditures (receipts, etc.) for a trip and request reimbursement at once as opposed to piecemeal requests.

STEP 1 – After logging into the system, click on “Request Reimbursement” on the left-side of the screen under the purpose area from which funds will be requested.

STEP 2 – Indicate the payment period which covers the reimbursement request. The payment period should cover the date(s) the funds were released by the county, not the date the request is submitted to SOS. If the reimbursement request is the final request for that purpose area, check the “Is this the final payment?” checkbox. A final request indicates the close-out of that purpose area (grant).

STEP 3 – In the “Reimbursement Request Form” section, enter the cumulative units and the cumulative expenditures for each line item in the approved budget for which reimbursement is being requested.

STEP 4 – In the “Equipment Serial Numbers” section, enter the serial numbers for each piece of equipment that the funding covers, including PCs, printers, etc.

STEP 5For the General HAVA Compliance purpose area only, in the “General Hava Compliance Sub-Purpose Areas” section, report cumulative expenditures by sub-purpose area for which reimbursement is being requested.

Applying the Vendor Discount under General HAVA Compliance

If a “Vendor Discount” is included in the grant budget, it will need to be incorporated in the reimbursement request. Although it is at the county’s discretion as to where to apply the discount, we recommend that it be applied to a line item under the “Accessible HAVA-Compliant Voting Equipment” budget category first (e.g., accessible DREs) and line item(s) under the “Additional HAVA-Compliant Voting Equipment” budget category second (e.g., non-accessible DREs).  The discount can also be applied to line items under the “Contractual” and “Other Equipment” budget categories if necessary.