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Entering Budget Information Instructions

Here are the steps to entering line items:

STEP 1 – Log into https://hava.tamu.edu using the judge’s user ID and password.

STEP 2 – On the left side of the screen you’ll see the various funding areas. Underneath the County Education Fund/ General HAVA Compliance (depending on the funding source you are applying from), click on Request Grant Adjustment.

STEP 3 – Once in the budget form, scroll to the next available blank line.

STEP 4 – Select from the dropdown menu under the Budget Category column (travel, equipment, contractual etc.).

STEP 5 – Enter the description of the new line item within the Description field.

STEP 6 – Enter a vendor discount if applicable within the Vendor Discount column.

STEP 7 – Enter the total cost in the Cost field. (If applying for General HAVA Compliance– refers to the Grant Activities instructions prior to clicking on submit).

STEP 8 – Scroll to the bottom of the form and click Submit.

Troubleshooting budget adjustment submission(s):

Don’t see the option to submit a budget adjustment.

Get an error message that the grant activities must equal zero.
If an error message appears stating “The Allocation Total in the Grant Activities section must equal the Requested Funding amount”, follow the Grant Activities Instructions below making sure the totals in the budget and the grant activities section are equal and then click submit.

General HAVA Compliance – Entering Grant Activities

STEP 1 – After the budget has been entered, click the check box to the left of each sub-purpose area title in the “Grant Activities” section below the budget. The county may select one, two, three, or all four sub-purpose areas.

STEP 2 – Enter a brief description of the activities that will be charged to the grant for each sub-purpose area selected in STEP 1 making sure to follow these basic guidelines:

STEP 3 – To the right of the description for each sub-purpose area selected by the county, enter the projected amount to be charged to the General HAVA Compliance allotment of funding. (Note, the total of the sub-purpose areas must equal the total budgeted amount entered in the budget detail section.)