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Procedures for Candidates, 2011-2012

Federal, State, District, County: 2012 Candidates’ Guide for Primary and General Election

We are publishing the 2012 Guide for educational purposes; please note that certain changes are pending preclearance by the Department of Justice (DOJ). Our staff remains available to answer individual calls, emails, and letters. Or, see if we have answered your question at our frequently asked questions.

If you wish to review bills from the 2011 session, you may wish to review

Campaign Finance: For information about campaign finance filings:

Archived Guides:

If you wish to review past candidates’ guides (2010) for a general overview of the procedures, they are archived on our website.

The offices listed are offices that were scheduled for a full term. For example, for most four-year offices, you will get a better general idea of what is on the ballot in 2014 from looking at the 2010 Guide. However, in an individual county, you might have an office on the ballot for an unexpired term (i.e., a partial term) if there was a recent vacancy.

Local Government Candidates (City, School District, Water District, Other)

Guidance for local government candidates is available at the Laws and Procedures pages under Conducting Your Elections for the following categories:

Forms are also available at the Forms Index.

You can also view the following calendars:

For campaign finance questions, contact the Texas Ethics Commission, non-federal offices, at (512) 463-5800.